Aman Tsegai is the CEO of Datazar​ and is transforming the way data is organized.

Datazar is an advanced research collaboration platform where researchers easily explore, analyze and share research data. By streamlining the research process, we help scientists organize and understand data in the fastest, most effective way.

Datazar is an ecosystem built to uncover the most important asset in science and educated decision making, raw data. It was founded based on the simple idea that data, raw data specifically, should be easily accessible by anyone. Empirical, experimental, statistical data, whatever it may be called, is essential in many fields. Fields that change our lives day to day.

Yet, it is one of the most disorganized pieces of information on the Web, even though the Web itself was created to index scientific data. Datazar enables researchers to utilize data from around the world and track it’s usage, analyze it and build on top of it.

Datazar hopes to help scientists, educators, students, researchers and all curious minds in finding what they are looking for.

By allowing people to easily find, contribute, compare and analyze data, Datazar will accelerate and enhance the scientific process that is essential to human progress.


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