Next Generation Software Applications

Distributed computing and decentralized, blockchain ledger-based applications have opened new horizons for organizations.

10XTS architects, develops and implements distributed application networks for vertical use cases. We combine public and private blockchain platforms, advanced semantic data, predictive analytics and machine learning to deliver new business models and information-based economics.

10XTS Blockchain Solutions
Platform as a Service Development

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)

Decentralized computing and distributed data has ushered in a new way of developing applications. Servers and small server clusters become targets and vectors of attack.

Decentralized application networks become the path forward as new business and information models continue to disrupt traditional industries.

10XTS develops and implements blockchain-based tokenized application network solutions for vertical industry use cases as a service.

Data Analytics

Blockchain Data Analytics (BDA)

Our Blockchain Data Analytics builds upon private and public blockchain networks to expose transactional data stored in tokens and distributed hash tables (DHTs).

Whether standard data architectures or advanced, ontology-based semantics, we expose ledger transaction information and stored or associated metadata.

Use cases can build upon this data to launch complex, authenticated machine learning and data mining.

10XTS Connect

10XTS Connect

10XTS Connect is an online learning and training portal. We deliver workshops and training bootcamps to help business leaders, investors, and technical management teams learn about blockchain business models and applications.

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