The Association of Early Stage Funding and Trade (AESFT) is a distributed application-based financial marketplace and exchange for accredited/institutional investors looking to place investments, and early stage companies seeking equity and debt-based funding.

The exchange permits stakeholders to issue token-based smart contracts, which function as storage mechanisms for information and capital. The users of the exchange may fund, track, buy, and sell tokens on the exchange through the application system.

DDView Blockchain Due Diligence & Risk Reporting


DDView is a distributed due diligence and operations auditing system. It helps investors and stakeholders interact with business and organizational operations teams to develop a comprehensive business development modeling framework.

The model and framework permits the gathering of metric data and real-time issuance of operational auditing reporting. This can be used to seed a predictive outcome model for ongoing operations and enable real-time prediction markets attached to financial exchange associated with the business context.

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