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Universal Asset Tokenization

XDEX is a universal tokenization market infrastructure solution that ensures seamless, inter-institutional portability of information governance, risk, and compliance data and records of digital securities and tokenized assets, entities, identities, and transactions.

We’re working to bring DeFi efficiencies to traditional capital markets within a well-defined, regulatory-compliant framework.

Universal Tokenization Framework

Layer one chain independent oracle layer to enable truly interoperable tokenization of assets, securities, and NFTs across global markets and between institutions.

Standardized, Portable Records and Data

Unifying the capital markets ecosystem around a common, interoperable technical standard of metadata secured and enforced by a common blockchain network.

Real-time Settlement Between Institutions

Provides near real-time settlement of transactions between multiple institutional parties within a decentralized network ecosystem.

Multi-jurisdiction Compliance

Tokenized assets, securities, and NFT records and documents can be mapped to any regulatory jurisdiction and supervisory schema to enable global portability.

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Digital Securities Lab is a private, online community for smart, forward-thinking industry professionals working to build the decentralized capital markets through tokenization of digital assets and securities. It’s for leaders that are eager to collaborate and actively engage in the digital transformation of capital with their peers.

Featured Solutions

Universal Asset Tokenization

Tokenize your assets and securities as digital, programmable instruments for primary offerings and secondary market trading throughout the emerging, decentralized capital markets ecosystem.


Digital Securities Administration

XDEX Digital Securities provides a full suite of administration and reporting across the entire lifecycle of a tokenized financial instrument, from issuance to reporting and disposition.


Products that Accelerate

XDEX, the Extended Index


XDEX Pro is a SaaS based tokenization solution to issue, manage, and trade tokenized assets with embedded information governance, risk, and compliance.



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