Transforming Early Stage Capital

A Distributed Ledger Technology-based Data Ecosystem for Early Stage Funding Capital Markets

For Startups

Tokenize your cap table to ease ownership administration, store corporate records and easily manage access to information

For Investors

Track ownership with the immutability of the blockchain, access corporate records and information to make better decisions

For VC Funds

Manage deal flow portfolios, ease fund administration with LPs and provide better access to deal room information

For Accelerators

Ensure companies are prepared for tokenized equity markets of the future, provide better access to graduate information

For Broker Dealers

Provide investor clients with access to alternative asset classes, ensure compliance and reporting for transactions and transfers

For Legal

Ensure client information is accurate in real time, consolidate ownership and record-keeping, provide regulatory reporting

What is “Asset Tokenization”?

Asset tokenization is the process of converting ownership rights in a particular asset into a digital token on a blockchain. Ownership of the token represents ownership of the real world asset corollary. Tokenization of real-world assets enables new markets by decreasing barriers and frictions to information exchange and trade.

What are “Securities Tokens”?

Securities Tokens are traditional financial securities designated by a cryptographic token on a blockchain ledger. These can include tokens which represent equity, bonds, fund units, etc… The ownership rights to the security instrument are written and recorded on the blockchain.

Tokenization of private securities can make capital formation more efficient, preserve information history about the asset, and unlock future secondary liquidity for investors.

XDEX Compliant Asset Token Blockchain Ecosystem

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