Powering the Future of
Municipal Bonds

Local government and municipal bond markets are a patchwork quilt of disconnected silos of legacy systems and private syndicate networks. This creates significant inefficiency, a lack of secondary market liquidity, and exclusions costing issuers and investors billions of dollars annually. We aim to help improve everyday life and economic inclusion through better application and use of distributed ledger technology.


XDEX is a cloud-based, Blockchain-as-a-Service distributed ledger data and API-based application ecosystem that powers local government consortia and public record applications with an easy-to-implement and manage, transparent, efficient, secure platform.


CommuniBond helps municipal finance market participants like municipal governments, advisors, broker dealers, banks, custodians, and investors issue, manage, trade and report digitized municipal bonds while increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and empowering financial inclusion.




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