Automating Trust

10XTS connects real-world documents, data, assets, and transactions to the blockchain.

Inefficient Information Drains Profits

Capital markets are weighed down with inefficient, fragmented, time-consuming, manually-intensive and document-heavy processes with data and information management.

Repetitive processes, team turnover, expensive proprietary systems that don’t integrate with other platforms create low ROI decisions in client service, investor relations and sales teams.

The New Growth Engine

10XTS aggregates all your financial asset documents, trading, order, communication, market and reference information into a single API-connected, blockchain-based platform to connect, simplify, log, and secure every activity and interaction.

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360º Asset Information

10XTS enables a shared document, information and metadata governance ecosystem between related actors to ensure transparency and immutability of entities, assets, and transactions — lowering risk and reducing cost.

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Digital Financial Asset Record Management Vaults

The world’s first distributed ledger-based financial asset record management vault platform for capital markets. A highly-secured, shared data ecosystem to ensure transparency and immutability of documents and data to increase efficiency, lower risks, and reduce costs.

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Market Trade Order Data Management

Using a distributed ledger-based multi-asset trade order management system for both buy-side and sell-side participants, connect to third-party trading platforms for capital markets integration to optimize regulatory compliance and reduce costs.

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Enterprise Integration Framework

Effective enterprise data management is about smarter data governance and regulatory compliance. 10XTS helps integrate and connect legacy platforms with new cloud systems within a secure, API-based framework.

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