Fintech Solutions

Building the distributed financial market infrastructure of the future

We create distributed networks that deliver data through innovative technology, quickly and accurately to individuals and across enterprises.


10XTS offers modular fintech software and decentralized financial data platform technology to enable line of business process automation for the issuance, management, trade and reporting of digitized and digital assets.

“Building Blocks for Decentralized Finance”, xtsCore is a flexible framework of to help financial institutions incorporate new business models for growth.

Using xtsCore-driven approaches to data solutions, 10XTS uses xtsCore to optimize internal workflow management systems, build client-facing retail storefront portals, or deploy solutions as a white-label, digital asset-based service offering.


CommuniBond helps municipal finance market participants like municipal governments, advisors, broker dealers, banks, custodians, and investors issue, manage, trade and report digitized municipal bonds while increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and empowering financial inclusion.


About Us

We’re conecting the participants of capital markets and financial services with data ecosystems built upon the fundamental principles of transparency, security, and immutability.


xtsCore is a modular suite of ledger-first fintech software and data building blocks for the capital markets. We use these modules to do things like automate the issuance, management, trade and reporting of assets and instruments such as private equity, fund partnership units, loans, bonds, structured notes, etc…

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