We just re-invented the financial services industry.

Before 10XTS: Capital markets and financial services are inefficient, human-powered operations. Full of risks in every layer of every organization, the only way trust has historically been ensured is through multiple intermediaries and ever-increasing regulatory compliance. After 10XTS: By consolidating the entire iterative body of information about identities, entities, assets and transactions across organizations and legal jurisdictions, trust becomes automated with highly secured algorithms. Workflows and processes are made efficient, value is instantly transferred and recorded, profits and returns are maximized, compliance is inherently enforced.

Financial services and capital markets work better together through an automated trust network.

Capital markets stakeholders like financial asset issuers, sellers, buyers, allocators, investors, analysts, attorneys, accountants, auditors, bankers, lenders, trustees, exchanges, brokers, dealers, wealth managers, transfer agents, fund managers, limited partners, insurers, real estate managers, family office administrators, government agencies, examiners and regulators all work better together with 10XTS.

How it’s better: People who use XDEX, our “eXtensible inDEX” system of record become more productive. XDEX helps people become better-organized and prepared for the most transformative evolutions coming to global marketplaces, banking and even money itself. Their financial records are more trustworthy, and can even be fully-automated between people and organizations.

Take a peek at how it works under the hood →

In 1977, 5th 3rd Bank launched the 1st ATM network, Jeanie.

Also another Cincinnati-based financial technology innovation, the Jeanie network was revolutionary as the first electronic ATM network for moving money at the retail level without requiring human intervention.

That gave birth to the entire Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) industry and how banking entered the digital age at scale.

Over $120,000,000 in assets live on the network and growing!

“10XTS helps us to provide all our limited partners with a highly secure, single source of documentation for efficiency and transparency for the entire life of the asset. It also helps us provide official document governance structure to all our portfolio asset investments as well.”

Stacey Strasser, General Partner Opp Zone GP

“We’re preparing our funds and investors for a fully digitized asset custody and automated banking future.”

Navin Goyal, CEO LOUD Capital

“We’re working with 10XTS and XDEX to automate reporting and compliance record-keeping for wealth management clients. In the future, compliance will be more automated as a result of automating transactions and clearing. We want to be prepared.”

Chris Sullivan, Chief Investment Officer Hyperion Wealth Management


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