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Simplifying Global Markets

10XTS simplifies the secured issuance, tracking and compliance of digitized real-world financial assets across global markets and jurisdictions.

Better financial asset information management and security, coupled with more organization and tighter control, helps everyone achieve a greater level of compliance, trust — and subsequently creating more liquidity.

Your Encrypted “System of Record”

Identities, entities, real and financial assets and are enumerated, claimed, defined and proven with known forms legal documentation by government jurisdiction. 10XTS automates the process of encoding this information onto a highly-secured, distributed ledger network as a master data management “system of record.” This reduces the complexity and cost of all financial operations, compliance, and reporting for institutions, as well as the average person.

Over $1,000,000,000,000 Per Year Wasted Globally

According to a recent OECD report, the costs of reconciling differences between financial regulations within multiple jurisdictions around the world costs businesses $780 billion per year.

Global, banks alone are spending in excess of $270 billion per year on compliance and regulatory obligations, having on average 10–15% of their staff dedicated to compliance activities.

Powering Next Generation Finance With Automated Trust

People who work with us to automate their assets and finance become more productive and better-organized over time.

Their records are more trustworthy than legacy methods of operation and management — and can even be automated in the future all the way down to the individual government jurisdiction level. Finance itself is far more efficient than before– creating better margins, returns and outcomes.


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