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CINCINNATI, OH, October 9, 2017 — Today, 10XTS CEO, Michael Hiles, announced the launch of a core 10XTS project to the audience at the Techstars Cincinnati Startup Week. The audience comprised of multiple venture capital funds and portfolio managers, financial institutions, and many advanced government agencies including AFIT, the Air Force Institute of Technology and 500 Startups.

The first major project announcement was XDEX. It is a blockchain-based application network protocol that permits asset managers, angel investors, and VCs to tokenize their asset positions in anticipation of future trading and portfolio management. This will provide investors with much needed liquidity while enabling a better portfolio diversification. The goal is to provide better liquidity and a more efficient secondary market opportunity for tokenized assets under management.

“XDEX will enable asset managers to also launch tokenized LP funds in addition to tokenization of individual companies”, said Hiles from the stage.

Secondary market trading is often challenged by the lack of information about the assets under consideration by a buyer. XDEX seeks to bring more transparency.

DDView Blockchain Due Diligence & Risk Reporting

Inherent to XDEX is a proprietary risk management system, DDView. DDView is a due diligence and monitoring system that stores asset reporting data in a secure, distributed schema. It enables investors to establish their own rubric with dimensions for weighting various factors of analysis and performance, thus tailoring the information gathering and reporting to their specific, unique investment hypotheses.

10XTS will be launching a blockchain token sale, and anticipates entering into a pre-sale phase in November. This pre-sale will offer the opportunity to purchase utility tokens at a discount to select, accredited investors in advance of a full public ICO launch early 2018.


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