CINCINNATI, OH, August 30, 2017 — Michael Hiles, CEO 10XTS, will be presenting “The Startup Cryptoconomy” during Cincinnati Startup Week on October 9th at 1pm at Union Hall (1311 Vine St. Cincinnati, Ohio). The keynote session will cover blockchain, the evolution of early stage venture funding, crypto economic models, and initial coin offerings (ICOs) as a funding mechanism for startups. Queen City Angels (QCA) has sponsored the session as part of the fundraising and investing track.

10XTS is currently building the Association for Early Stage Finance and Trade (AESFT) Exchange for early stage investors to provide a path towards the tokenization of angel and early stage funding equities and debt assets. One of the biggest challenges for early stage investors is liquidity and concentration of risk. 10XTS is building the exchange trading platform as a vehicle for early stage funds, angel investing groups, and institutional investors to tokenize traditional holdings and new fund issues across a global accredited network.

Cincinnati Startup Week is being held October 9-13, 2017. Startup Week is a Techstars franchise, and a free event to foster the development of the regional startup ecosystem. To learn more, visit




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