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Powering Next Generation Capital Markets With Automated Trust

10XTS simplifies the secured issuance, tracking and compliance of digitized real-world financial assets across global markets and jurisdictions.

Better financial asset information management and security, with more organization and tighter control, helps everyone achieve a greater level trust and more liquidity across all asset classes.

How it’s better: People who use the 10XTS system of record to digitize their real-world assets & securities become more productive and better organized with their asset structures over time. Their asset records are more trustworthy and can even be automated in the future — down to the individual government jurisdiction level. And working with their assets is far more efficient than before, which is especially a consideration for asset buyers and investors.

Financial Assets and Capital Markets Work Better With 10XTS

Capital markets stakeholders like financial asset issuers, sellers, buyers, allocators, investors, analysts, attorneys, accountants, auditors, bankers, lenders, trustees, exchanges, brokers, dealers, wealth managers, transfer agents, fund managers, limited partners, insurers, real estate managers, family office administrators, government agencies, examiners and regulators all work better together with 10XTS powering their digitized assets and securities.

Financial assets and capital markets work better with 10XTS.

Over $120,000,000 in assets live on the network and growing!

Opp Zone GP and Opportunity Zone Fund Compliance

Stacey Strasser is a General Partner in Opp Zone GP is a new, Cincinnati, Ohio-based Opportunity Zone Fund operating as a self-directed “Fund-as-a-Service”. Their mission is to help investors leverage the 2017 Tax Act for investing in early stage angel & venture capital types of Qualified Opportunity Zone Businesses and individual Qualified Opportunity Zone properties.

We are helping Stacey and her team automate legal documents & contract evidence of assets, partnership units, etc…

By enumerating the asset with records management-based evidence, the proof of any document, assertion, claim, or transaction can be proven as the common truth between parties. This provability establishes the future potential to integrate the asset into trading venues and wealth management platforms.

The fund general partners now have an easy management and compliance solution for LP administration. With a single click, full compliance and auditing can be made available to any authorized party in a trusted environment.

Stacey Strasser

General Partner

“10XTS helps us to provide all our limited partners with a highly secure, single source of documentation for efficiency and transparency for the entire life of the asset. It also helps us provide official document governance structure to all our portfolio asset investments as well.”

Stacey Strasser, General Partner Opp Zone GP

LOUD Capital Digitizing LP Units and Investor Communications

LOUD Capital is an early-stage venture capital and fund management services partnership group based in Columbus, Ohio, with multiple offices in Chicago, Atlanta, and mainland China.

10XTS is working with the LOUD Capital team to digitize multiple GP/LP funds under management. The team is automating legal document & contract evidence of partnership units and assets. the 10XTS platform becomes foundation for future fund asset management and compliance services.

LOUD Capital also provides fund administration services to other organizations. 10XTS helps standardize and automate the delivery of their management services.

Connecting all of their fund-related documents together with the token-based value tracking of the assets provides LOUD Capital with an easy gateway to enable global secondary market opportunities and liquidity for their investors.

LOUD Capital

Navin Goyal


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Digitized assets and securities must still be defined and proven with legal documentation, which varies by jurisdiction. We automate the process of encoding asset and securities documents onto a distributed blockchain ledger network-based system of record. This reduces the complexity and cost of “asset tokenization” for the average person and simplifies the process for the most complex institutions.

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