Financial records solutions

Compliance, Integration, Automation

A seamless suite of APIs to streamline your financial services and capital markets finops.

XDEX - Record Management Cloud for Capital Markets

XDEX, The Global Financial Compliance Network

Financial records encoded onto XDEX are more trustworthy, more secure, and fully-automated between people, organizations, and jurisdictions.

Our Ecosystem

We are building a global network of diverse partners who are driving digital transformation and efficiency with XDEX.

Commercium Bank
LOUD Capital
Hyperion Wealth Management

Digital Asset Banking-as-a-Service

Compliant fintech frameworks for traditional financial services. Provide a full suite of digital asset and central bank digital currency solutions.

Over $130,000,000 in assets already on the network!

“10XTS helps us to provide all our limited partners with a highly secure, single source of documentation for efficiency and transparency for the entire life of the asset. It also helps us provide official document governance structure to all our portfolio asset investments as well.”

Stacey Strasser, General Partner Opp Zone GP

“We’re preparing our funds and investors for a fully digitized asset custody and automated banking future.”

Navin Goyal, CEO LOUD Capital

“We’re working with 10XTS and XDEX to fractionalize real-world assets for better liquidity for highly illiquid asset classes.”

Chris Sullivan, Chief Investment Officer Hyperion Wealth Management


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