Our Focus

Founded in 2017, 10XTS is a US-based fintech R&D company building financial technology platforms for capital markets and financial services participants.

Our foundation is rooted in removing friction and inefficiency in capital markets with strong security assurances and interoperability.

We work with firms with the ambition to reinvent the industry’s business models to drive efficiency and improve capital performance across all layers of regulatory-compliance.

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Our People

Our global team of professionals comprises a unique combination of financial industry veterans, data scientists, information architects, software developers, public administrators, and regulatory experts.

We are obsessed with empowering talented people within client-focused, specialized teams designed around creating digital products our clients love. We promote an agile startup mindset in the way we think, the way we operate, and the way we build solutions.

Team 10XTS

Our Technology

Our primary focus is ledger-first issuance, management, trade, and reporting of value between network participants.

We do this by building member-governed decentralized network platforms to ensure a single source of shared, trusted data.

We can connect with line of business applications to enable peer-to-peer transfer of financial value and automation of contractual and fiduciary operations without reliance on trusted third-parties across native, or even other externally connected platforms.

We believe that our technology will drive adoption of a next-generation financial services where intermediaries forced to create more value or face removal from the value chain. Our approach to developing incentive structures encourage self-regulation, and risks are mitigated or reduced.

As a cryptographically-secure environment, our solutions allow participants to transact across a peer-to-peer model removing capital inefficiencies, mitigating concentration, liquidity risk, and reduction of settlement cycles to near real-time — lowering transactional costs of any economic exchange.



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