Company Overview

Learn more about 10XTS and our mission.

10XTS is working to facilitate wealth creation for all economic backgrounds. We help solve inefficiencies plaguing organizations by decentralizing data, increasing trust and transparency.

10XTS was born out of a common frustration over the lack of financial inclusion for the average person, which continues to put downward pressure on the US economy and local communities. Our nation is plagued with  disparate legacy technology platforms and practices across governments and markets. These silos of data struggle to inter-operate, causing inefficiencies, increased risk and spiraling costs.

We’re bringing together the participants of industries and capital markets within a global ecosystem built upon the fundamental principles of transparency. This includes government entities, asset issuers, startup companies, investors, angel networks, venture capital partnerships, law firms, broker dealers, family offices, and other related financial services firms.

Our Expert Team

Our global team of professionals comprises a unique combination of financial industry veterans, technologists, public administrators, and leading distributed ledger, blockchain and regulatory experts.

Management Team

Technical Advisory Team

Financial Advisory Team

State & Local Government Advisory Team

Legal Advisory Team



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