Advanced data solutions that create economic inclusion for a better future.

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Advanced data solutions that create economic inclusion for a better future.

Our Mission

Founded in 2017, 10XTS is a US-based software and data development company building technology products for financial, regulatory, and legal participants in capital markets.

Our goal is to replace friction and inefficiency with strong data security and interoperability.

When we create a higher degree of trust and control, we make processes more efficient, simplify efforts, and include more people as participants in capital markets and wealth creation.

Our People

Our global team of professionals comprises a unique combination of financial industry veterans, data scientists, information architects, software developers, public administrators, and regulatory experts.

We are obsessed with empowering talented people within client-focused, specialized teams designed around creating digital products our clients love. We promote an agile startup mindset in the way we think, the way we operate, and the way we build solutions.

Our Technology

Our primary focus is blockchain ledger-first issuance, management, trade, and reporting of value between network participants. We do this by building cooperative, decentralized software and protocol networks to ensure a single source of shared, trusted data.

We believe that our technology will drive the adoption of next-generation financial services — where participants are forced to create more value across the value chain.

As a cryptographically-secure environment, our solutions allow participants to transact across a peer-to-peer model removing capital inefficiencies, mitigating concentration, liquidity risk, and reduction of settlement cycles to near real-time — lowering transactional costs of any economic exchange.


For capital market participants, our flagship platform XDEX is an advanced financial asset issuance, investment and management platform. Unlike existing solutions, XDEX connects portfolio asset documents and secondary market transaction information in a single, encrypted digital vault on a blockchain-based distributed ledger ecosystem.

Our Capabilities

Staying competitive means planning and executing leading strategies. 10XTS helps you maintain a competitive position in the market. We accelerate your digital innovation mandates by helping architect, develop, and implement successful data & software solutions.

We deliver a seamless portfolio of end-to-end business and technical services to help you leverage opportunities in the market and accelerate growth. From strategic road-mapping to technical implementation, our world-class team is ready to guide you towards success.

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