Blockchain Opportunity Evaluation

10XTS provides a full evaluation of external market, internal and IT operations to help assess the opportunity for blockchain for your organization. Leveraging our market research and situational awareness with the rapidly expanding blockchain world, we help identify, define, and validate your business case.

Blockchain Operational Risk Assessment

Maintaining a competitive position in the market means understanding the impact of blockchain’s disruptive potential. 10XTS will evaluate how internal and external adoption of blockchain can affect your organization’s operational and financial risks.

Blockchain Business Modeling

10XTS will deliver a business model considering a fully-developed future state for your organization that includes infrastructure, governance, business process and platform functions. This includes impact analysis, technical architecture, and even potential intellectual property.

Blockchain Strategy

10XTS will deliver the necessary business and product development perspectives, along with a comprehensive launch strategy that includes your target market, your existing client base, your value proposition, and your pricing model.



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