U.S. Securities Regulations and ICOs – Welcome to 12(g)

Regulation Crowdfunding is colliding with the ICO phenomenon and there are a lot of regulatory issues to be addressed. Section 12(g) of the Securities Exchange Act requires companies with assets of $10 million and a certain number of “holders...


What’s This Thing Worth? Valuing Cryptoassets and Utility Tokens

One of the biggest pressing questions about blockchain-based tokens and token sales is, “What is this token really worth?” In fact, this question continues to swirl around the general issue of what is any cryptocurrency worth at a given...

10XTS Blockchain Solutions

What Are Some Business Enterprise Use Cases of Blockchain Technology?

One of the things we seek in this brave new world of blockchain-based technology is the examination of what problems can be solved with the technology


Software Economics and the Advent of Tokenized Utility Application Network Solutions

After nearly a decade of development, the emergence of cryptocurrencies and public ledger tokens has reached Main Street awareness status. The growth of the Bitcoin and Ethereum markets has provided a legitimizing course of development for the previously niched...


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