Validate Your Idea in the Market Immediately

We advise our clients to immediately validate their ideas in the market by talking to their prospective customers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fully-developed product, a new prototype, a service you wish to launch, or just an idea they you to test out. Our “Early Traction” campaigns can provide you with market information to help define your game.

We have created a special consulting and implementation category of offerings we call “Indications of Interest”.

Our offers focus on creating and widening the top of the funnel i.e. special acquisition tactics for:

  • Building the initial community of future customers,
  • Increasing & measuring the number of your visitors,
  • Obtaining pre-orders, and
  • Creating those essential seed databases for email automation and marketing.

This kind of direct-to-customer feedback is essential for anyone trying to launch anything new. Whether it’s for a new product or a service offering, specially-designed campaigns can extract gold nuggets of data and information from prospective customers and users.

Market-driven Product Development

Customer-provided data can guide product feature development, even get pre-orders and establish the traction necessary for capital funding.

We can use this data to run all kinds of analysis around your product/market fit. Based upon our insights, we know what kinds of things need to be adjusted to ensure a very tight product-to-market fit.

Through a series of iterative tests and direct engagement, we’re able to connect with a more targeted offering to your market. This kind of alignment results in a higher level of acceptance in your market and shortens sales cycles.

Don’t Waste Money On Things That Don’t Matter

One of the primary reasons to push for early validation is to save two critical resources: time and money. By running acquisition in parallel to main development, you will have the validation needed at launch time, and your pre-launch activities will have filled your pipeline/funnel from day one generating sales immediately, saving time and money.

Additionally, your product will be streamlined to your user’s recommendations, and you can expect better conversion rates because of your improved product/market fit, generating revenue at the most critical period of your product’s life cycle.

Are you ready to validate your ideas and start developing your early customers?


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