Helping brokers anchor new market opportunities

Broker dealers are facing a massive shift in market infrastructure. Digital technology and blockchain are disruptive forces that not only continue to revolutionize the landscape at the retail level, but also across the landscape of market operations.

Today’s broker dealers already face significant compression of rates and increasing pressures from regulatory scrutiny. 

Add to that the complexities of digital technology and the inertia of legacy solution providers, broker dealers are facing significant hurdles. 

But the rapid expansion of tokenized digital assets and securities is an undeniable opportunity for smart broker dealers who understand the transformation already underway in the market.

Our end-to-end digital securities administration solutions help you enter the emerging blockchain securities markets with the confidence of knowing every document and piece of governance, risk, and compliance data across the entire lifecycle of a security is managed and tracked at the core.


Brokers that adopt a digital transformation strategy with decentralized token-based asset markets are at the forefront of the market curve.

  • Lower cost of funding due to wider global investment base
  • Greater secondary market liquidity
  • Lower transaction costs and/or direct participation in capital markets
  • Opportunities for new lines of business in governing decentralized platforms and smart contracts
  • Opportunities for stablecoin distribution and payment systems
  • New lines of business from emergence of new asset classes and parallel markets
  • Cost savings from streamlined or automated processes and operations
  • Preserve business by providing clients with access to digital securities markets
  • Greater market intelligence
  • Stronger data ownership and governance
  • Capital/liquidity savings from more flexible settlement
  • Avoid loss of business from greater market concentration in over-the-counter markets
  • Streamlined & automated compliance and examinations

Solutions for Broker Dealers

Digital Securities Administration

XDEX Digital Securities provides a full suite of administration and reporting across the entire lifecycle of a tokenized financial instrument, from issuance to reporting and disposition.


Transfer Agent as a Service

XDEX Transfer Agent-as-a-Service powers Transfer Agent operations workflow and processing as an integrated stack between issuers, markets, and custodians for regulatory post-trade settlement processing.