Broker dealers are facing a massive shift in market infrastructure. Digital technology and blockchain are disruptive forces that not only continue to revolutionize the landscape at the retail level, but also across the landscape of market operations.

Today’s broker dealers already face significant compression of rates and increasing pressures from regulatory scrutiny. Add to that the complexities of digital technology and the inertia of legacy solution providers, broker dealers are facing significant hurdles. But the rapid expansion of digital securities is an undeniable opportunity for smart broker dealers.

Our end-to-end digital securities administration solutions help broker dealers enter the emerging blockchain securities markets with the confidence of knowing every document and piece of data across the entire lifecycle of a security is managed and tracked at the core.

Digital Securities Administration

XDEX Digital Securities provides a full suite of administration and reporting across the entire lifecycle of a financial instrument, from issuance to reporting and disposition.


Digital Securities Offerings

The Asset Tokenization Lifecycle Process makes digital securities offerings easy for corporates, asset managers, broker dealers, exchanges, alternative trading systems, custodians, banks, and regulators.


Governance, Risk, and Compliance Framework

To facilitate a standards-based governance, risk, and compliance methodology, XDEX connects records, documents and datasets to an immutable blockchain ledger. This provides a clear, easy-to-manage path to reporting governance, risk, and compliance data that fits seamlessly with any standards-based, regulatory framework.


Shareholder Management Portals

XDEX provides a complete solution to digital securities offering sponsors to easily connect to the emergent digital securities market infrastructure while maintaining control over their shareholder’s experience.


Trading Engine

XDEX Trading Engine module powers a protocol-based marketplace function built on top of the consensus and operations layer of the XDEX Network blockchain.


Transfer Agent TA-as-a-Service (TAaaS)

XDEX Transfer Agent-as-a-Service powers Transfer Agent operations workflow and processing as an integrated stack between issuers, markets, and custodians for regulatory post-trade settlement processing.


Virtual Asset Custody

XDEX powers end-to-end solutions that enable 3rd-party bank or trust custody of real-world assets virtualized as blockchain-based records.


XDEX Markets

XDEX Markets is a post-trade market settlement automation module that integrates directly with third-party exchanges and alternative trading system platforms to enable asset issuers to capture external trade data as a feed and ensure governance and compliance of post-trade market settlement processes.