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Advancing Government Oversight through Automation and Decentralization

Harnessing the power of XDEX and Web3 for efficient regulatory compliance

The Silo Effect and the Need for Data Portability in Finance

Embrace data portability and interoperability with solutions like XDEX and unlock the full potential of your financial data.

Rule 15c3-3 Qualified Custody of Securities and Its Importance in Secondary Market Trading

Rule 15c3-3 qualified custody of securities is an essential component of the securities market, playing a crucial role in safeguarding customer assets and promoting investor confidence.

Understanding Controllable Electronic Records (CERs) and the Proposed Uniform Commercial Code Revisions

While they have been traditionally called "tokens,", there's a new legal term that's a better definition - a "Controllable Electronic Record"

Revolutionizing Global Capital Markets with Standardized Jurisdictional Compliance Data

XDEX revolutionizes capital markets by standardizing jurisdictional information governance, risk, and compliance data.

How Can Technology Create New Opportunities for Banks?

Established financial services providers must move faster on developing digital business by building digital platforms.