Commercium Bank Wyoming Special Purpose Depository Institution Charter Hearing June 29, 2021

On June 29, 2021, the Wyoming State Division of Banking held a hearing to review the charter application submitted by Commercium Bank.

Commercium Bank is an independent financial institution incubated by 10XTS, who worked from spring until December of 2020 to complete an extensive application for a Special Purpose Depository Institution (SPDI) state bank charter under Wyoming law.

10XTS began exploring the acquisition of a chartered bank in 2018 with an eye towards the future of financial services and blockchain solutions. The hearing is a culmination of tremendous efforts by the team to complete an application and develop the company.

Uncommon EntrePReneurs Interview – Revolutionizing the Securities Industry through Tokenization with Michael Hiles


Tune In to this episode of Uncommon EntrePReneurs to learn from the CEO of, Michael Hiles, discuss the future disruption of the securities industry by way of blockchain technology.

“The OTC market may not exist in 3-5 years.”

Picture a finance world where every security is on a transparent ledger, with access to 24/7 markets, with additional liquidity and purchasable with a much broader investor base.

That is the mission that 10XTS is on, bringing the financial markets to this 21st breakthrough technology. Even if you are new to the crypto market space, there are bitesize examples throughout the interview that will help prepare you for this technological revolution and its impact on the economy.

10XTS CEO Michael Hiles appears as a guest on The Strategy of Information podcast with Nick Ingles


10XTS CEO Michael Hiles recently appeared as a guest on “The Strategy of Information” podcast with host Nick Ingles. 

Immutability can only occur when we KNOW for certain that a Record has not changed. Our current systems offer that to us but with varying degrees of confidence. That is set to change with the advent of blockchain and the promise of an immutable ledger underlying information systems.

This new way of storing information replaces our traditional databases, and experts of all stripes have written about its promise. However, what hasn’t happened yet is actually having the systems to support this new technology advancement.

Nick and Michael discuss the radical changes hitting the information governance space, and how the 10XTS team has been building XDEX, a records management blockchain oracle network.

Michael Hiles at Crypto Mondays in San Juan Puerto Rico


10XTS CEO, Michael Hiles, was recently invited to speak at the revered San Juan Crypto Mondays event in Puerto Rico.

Michael delivered a non-stop stream of knowledge about securities and securities tokens to a packed house – reportedly the largest turnout of a Crypto Monday event.

If you’re interested in digital securities, STO and securities token offerings, the emergent digital securities market infrastructure, regulatory compliant fundraising offerings, and more, you will not want to miss this.