Local governments and municipal bond markets are a disconnected, patchwork quilt of legacy systems and silos of private syndicate networks. This creates significant inefficiency, a lack of secondary market liquidity, and exclusions costing issuers and investors billions of dollars annually.

For municipal government bond market participants, CommuniBond is a distributed ledger-based public debt issuance, management, and trade settlement software ecosystem.

Unlike the existing process of borrowing public funds, CommuniBond creates a transparent data solution for all participants in the marketplace, lowers costs – and ultimately creates financial inclusion for the average citizen to become an engaged stakeholder in their local public projects.

A Better Way to Issue, Manage, Track & Report Public Debt

Powered by XDEX, CommuniBond is an end-to-end platform to help local governments issue bonds and raise funds faster, easier, at lower cost.

You can syndicate direct issuance investments far more widely to access more capital from a broader, potentially global investor pool at lower costs with maximum transparency beyond current bond market practices.

Provide your bond buyers a superior investor experience with confidence that CommuniBond has your critical compliance needs covered.

  • Investor relations web portal connecting issuers & investors
  • Increase community engagement and economic inclusion
  • Transform political messaging for public works financing
  • Make it easy for investors to find all the information they need
  • Facilitate integration with banks & custodial trust to provide value-added services
  • KYC/AML account services integration
  • Automate bond issuance and investor subscription


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