Welcome! In this inaugural episode, 10XTS CEO Michael Hiles & Jonathan Dever, 10XTS SVP Director Public Policy Affairs, discuss our current economic situation, monetary & public policy, and much more.

Governments aren’t equipped to handle the pace of policy needs. Institutions aren’t prepared for the acceleration towards digital assets powered by blockchain technology. Data science will drive more decisions as business, organizations, and leaders seek clarity. And now more than ever, we have an imperative to ensure America secures its own future.

Join us as we explore the journey towards building the next economy.

About Michael Hiles

Michael Hiles, Co-host of The Digital Dollar Show

Michael is a business executive with multiple startup and early stage company experience. He is a technology solutions architect with marketing, business operations, and financial experience. Michael began developing software on mainframe systems at an early age in the late 1970’s. He has over 40 years of software and data architecture and development experience.

Michael is the founder and CEO of 10XTS. Early in 2017, Michael formalized the founding team and launched the company, subsequently attracting immediate attention in the marketplace. Michael frequently speaks at events and conferences.

About Jonathan Dever

Jonathan Dever, Co-host of The Digital Dollar Show

Former Ohio State Representative Jonathan Dever is the founding and Managing Member of The Dever Law Firm located in West Chester, Ohio. He obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati, his Master’s Degree in Industrial Labor Relations from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, studied International Comparative Labor Relations at Adam Mischevich University, attended Oxford University St. Anne’s College, and received his Juris Doctorate from Capital University Law where he received a Certificate of Concentration in Employment and Labor law and was a Member of the Law Review Staff.

While serving Ohio’s 28th District in his first term in the Ohio House of Representatives, he was appointed to serve as the Chairman of the Financial Institutions Housing and Urban Development Committee. As Chair, he was charged with overseeing the reform of all Ohio’s financial institutions’ laws, laying out an aggressive agenda of reorganizing and rewriting its foreclosure, lending, real estate, and banking statutes. Prior to his departure, Jonathan was the Senior Vice President and Director Public Sector Relations for 10XTS.

In partnership with 10XTS, Jonathan departed the company to develop and launch Commercium Bank, a de novo state chartered banking institution formed under the State of Wyoming Special Purpose Depository Institution (SPDI) law.