Jonathan and Michael are joined by UCLA economics professor Alex Nascimento, to discuss blockchain technology, the concept of a digital dollar, and whether we can use the tech to shift our monetary policy to get off of the debt-backed currency system.

About Alex Nascimento

Alex Nascimento, MA, MBA is an author and faculty member and Co-founder of Blockchain at UCLA where he lectures on Blockchain Business Applications and Security Tokens in addition to his role of Managing Director of 7CC – Blockchain Investments, a company focused on supporting & fostering the Blockchain industry.

Alex got his MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and has developed training, marketing & blockchain strategies for companies in the United States, Latin America, and Asia.

Alex can be found lecturing at UCLA and speaking at main Global Blockchain conferences and Corporate events demystifying securities issuance and investments on the blockchain for business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Follow Alex on Twitter: @7alexnascimento

About Blockchain at UCLA

Blockchain at UCLA is the university’s student-run blockchain community, composed of UCLA engineering, law, management, science and humanities students and faculty.

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