10XTS helps unlock a brand new world of innovative business models for capital markets and financial services firms through XDEX, our extensive network of interconnected businesses (ranging from financial services to non-financial services firms).

We help our partners connect and exchange revenue-generating products and services by accessing each other’s common data about individuals, entities, assets, and transactions. Pairing that common data with unique knowledge, existing customer bases, and specific distribution channels, 10XTS can fuel your growth engine.

Accountants & Auditors

Angel Investors

Asset Managers

Broker Dealers

Commodities Brokers

Community Banks

Credit Unions

Exchanges & Trading Platforms

Family Offices

Institutional Investors

Insurance Companies

Investment Advisors

Investment Banks

Law Firms

Private Equity Funds

Private Lenders

Real Estate Funds

Regulatory Agencies

State & Local Government

Traders & Market Makers

Trust Companies

Venture Capital Funds


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