Representatives from both 10XTS and Commercium Bank will be attending the Kentucky Bankers Association Innovations in Banking Conference on October 14 at the Eastern Kentucky University.

10XTS incubated Commercium Bank, which applied for and received charter approval for a Wyoming Special Purpose Depository Institution (SPDI) license under Wyoming Statute.

Commercium Bank is current gearing up operations with a focus on providing custody solutions for digital securities in the capital markets industry. Additionally, the bank is considering various business strategies involving stablecoins and other core banking services adjacent to blockchain markets.

In 2000, 10XTS worked to support the establishment of the Blockchain Working Group under legislative direction. The current legislative session is contemplating a form of SPDI legislation, and continues to work to introduce new bill language authorizing Kentucky state banks to participate in various digital asset products and services.

The Banking Innovation Conference is presented in partnership between Eastern Kentucky University and the Kentucky Bankers Association to promote industry collaboration and discussion with a focus on innovation in community banking. The conference will provide community banks with the latest information on navigating relationships with fintechs, regulatory guidance, and innovative best-practices to modernize the community banking model.

Conference attendees will include bank regulators and bank leaders from Kentucky and surrounding states, as well as students and professors from business schools in the region. The conference agenda will include national speakers, panel discussions and research presentations on the topic of bank innovation.

A notable guest speaker appearance is Al Forkner, the Commissioner of Wyoming Division of Banking.

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