GBA The Future of Money, Governance, & The Law

10XTS CEO Michael Hiles will be speaking the Government Blockchain Association’s “The Future of Money, Governance, & the Law” event to be held January 27-28, 2022 at the National Press Club in Washington D.C..

As stablecoins and central bank digital currencies remain a topic of conversation at federal and state levels in the U.S., there is momentum towards defining a regulatory compliant path to enable traditional institutions to provide financial services for digital asset owners across retail and capital markets.

Capital markets are already adopting tokenized securities and post-trade settlement infrastructure using blockchain. Embedding compliance into assets and transactions is an exciting frontier for government agencies and regulators to empower new, more efficient forms of oversight and examination.

Mr. Hiles’ session will highlight the emerging shift in retail banking, and how cryptocurrency & blockchain are changing the landscape for both institutions and customers.

All governments need to understand now, more than ever, how blockchain is disrupting current authority systems. As cryptocurrency, DeFi, DAOs, smart contracts, IoT and AI shift power from centralized authority to decentralized authority, governments that do not adapt will be left holding an empty bag. 

10XTS attended the first conference held in January of 2020 at the US Capitol. This event is intended to educate policymakers, mapping out trajectories, and offering solutions with potential use cases.

With two days of content-packed seminars, The Future of Money, Governance, & The Law will cover:

  • Cryptocurrency Adoption and Projection
  • Banking and CBDCs
  • Redefining Money
  • Money, Inflation & Debt
  • International Organizations / Non-Government Organizations
  • Tokenomics & Crypto-Governance
  • State and Local Government and Blockchain
  • National and International Government and Blockchain
  • Blockchain Regulations/Licensing/NFTs
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues
  • Blockchain and Identity Management
  • Decentralization & Law Enforcement

Governments near and far are invited to send their staff, legislative aids, finance officers, policymakers, and anyone impacted by blockchain technology for two days of intense training. 

Come and learn from the experts how to benefit from the changes that are coming.