SWISCOIN: Reconstruction History repeats as Bitcoin
I hope you will not skip this fantastic opportunity please take 15 minutes to learn it and work with me.
– The global economic crisis taking place everywhere.
– In 2016, the property will appear new (digital currency)
– With the trend of booming electronic money as monetary success has helped many people around the world with little meager capital and become rich.
– SwisCoin was born to overcome the weaknesses of Bitcoin …..
– A new opportunity called: SwisCoin financial help you increase many times with at least your capital.
1. Swiscoin generated by SHA 256 algorithm open source, allowing all users are allowed to exploit and exploitation of the schedule.
2. Swiscoin had SwisCoin- Exchange trading floor. Price is determined by buyers and sellers. www.Swiscoin.com
3- Swiscoin have exchanged electronic wallet Coin store and community members dug SwisCoin like Bitcoin. You can download at:
4. Liquidity high (5% of the investment package / day) Pay SwisCoin about for days after.
5. There are six investment packages: Package minimum $ 100 (activated automatically with Bitcoins or bank PerfectMoney or help facilitate rapid sharing community development throughout the world easy) – Give you more options co-operate.
6- SWISCOIN be changed into Bitcoin as 1 pair Foreign Exchange and vice versa.
7. Yes for air (containing at ofline still swiscoin transactions).
8- The doubling time is short (only 45-60 days) Liquidity fast, compact within 24 hours.
9. Price growth: The current price is $ 1.5 / 1 Swiscoin .. Expected to $ 10 for 6 months.
10. As 1 of 4 Company declared open algorithm: Bitcoin, LiteCoin, dogecoin and SwisCoin help members Bitcoin or excavators are used digging machine switched SwisCoin individuals to increase communities.
11. It is important that the best time for investors and building system Leader:
– 1. Direct: 10% (100% of the money paid for withdrawal of pay after 24 hours)
– 2. Division weaker: 10% (80% for paying 20% for re-drawn on to pay after 24 hours buying Token)
– 3. Income resonance 6 lifetime: F1, F2: 10%, F3, F4: 20%, F5, F6: 25% (80% receive 20% cash withdrawal and re-purchase of pay after 24 hours Token)
– Liquidity in dollars so easy to convert, draw on different channels: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney (after 24 hours of order) and the bank in 5-7 days.
– Please register to participate right here to seize the opportunity to work oneline global good or profitable investment with little capital:
skyper : thiempq9588
Nice to cooperate wish you success!


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