Decentralization Creates Market Opportunity for Small to Mid-Market Institutions

Distributed capital markets creates new opportunity for more institutions to integrate and offer custody, escrow, and clearing services to the emerging market as a growth strategy.

As tokenization continues to power primary and secondary markets for all asset classes, the need for traditional bank services to be delivered via distributed ledger becomes an exponential opportunity for forward-looking institutions to capture market share.

Even retail lending assets can be converted into digital token form, and directly liquidated directly on licensed exchanges and marketplaces. The opportunity to leverage the emerging decentralized capital marketplace levels the playing field for even the smallest of traditional institutions.

Solutions for Banks


The Information Governance, Risk, and Compliance foundation of XDEX helps banking institutions deliver digital banking services as a platform for integration with fintechs, capital markets, service providers, and institutional partners.


Stablecoin and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Gateways

Launching a seamless CBDC or treasury currency on/off-ramp is a streamlined process thanks to XDEX ecosystem standards and a dedicated process designed to help Gateways create deposit and withdrawal flows that seamlessly interoperate with all wallets and apps in the XDEX network.