Capital Markets

Decentralizing Common Data and Information Across Market Layers

Market information and data fragmentation resulting from organizational silos has resulted in massive inefficiencies and even criminal fraud.

Present market infrastructure can only achieve T+2 settlement through radical centralization, which also forces a significant, and now unnecessary cost layer.

Legacy market infrastructure is attempting to reduce the settlement time to T+1 through the adoption of blockchain technology, yet it seeks to preserve its status as a centralized authority with the frontrunning and lockup of billions of dollars daily in float.

XDEX standardizes market infrastructure information governance, risk, and compliance data for all asset issuers, investors, and regulated intermediaries. 

A common, decentralized, single source of truth, creates new opportunities for cost reduction and capital efficiency through highly secured, mathematically provable trust automation.


  • Lower cost of funding due to wider global investment base
  • Greater secondary market liquidity
  • Lower transaction costs and/or direct participation in capital markets
  • Opportunities for new lines of business in governing decentralized platforms and smart contracts
  • Opportunities for stablecoin distribution and payment systems
  • New lines of business from emergence of new asset classes and parallel markets
  • Cost savings from streamlined or automated processes and operations
  • Preserve business by providing clients with access to digital securities markets
  • Greater market intelligence
  • Stronger data ownership and governance
  • Capital/liquidity savings from more flexible settlement
  • Avoid loss of business from greater market concentration in over-the-counter markets
  • Streamlined & automated compliance and examinations

Solutions for capital markets

Digital Securities Administration

XDEX Digital Securities provides a full suite of administration and reporting across the entire lifecycle of a tokenized financial instrument, from issuance to reporting and disposition.


Transfer Agent as a Service

XDEX Transfer Agent-as-a-Service powers Transfer Agent operations workflow and processing as an integrated stack between issuers, markets, and custodians for regulatory post-trade settlement processing.


Universal Asset Tokenization

Tokenize your assets and securities as digital, programmable instruments for primary offerings and secondary market trading throughout the emerging, decentralized capital markets ecosystem.