Securities Issuers & Asset Managers

The industry's only issuer-focused tokenization solution

10XTS is revolutionizing the asset tokenization space as the only issuer-focused solution with full information governance, risk, and compliance ownership and control. As markets decentralize, it becomes a prime opportunity for asset owners and securities issuers to level the playing field with complete ownership and control of not just the process of creating a token, but the entire end-to-end system of record of asset, investor, and transaction data for the entire lifecycle.

Issuers considering tokenization will find the market filled with many different approaches, most falling into the categories of 1) financial institution-driven walled gardens; and 2) basic early token generators that solely focus on the dazzle of creating a layer one token and calling it a security or asset, but failing to contemplate the entire scope of necessary governance, risk, and compliance and master data management from an enterprise IT perspective.

XDEX brings the best of all worlds together as a complete, end-to-end, issuer-focused solution dedicated to those who own their assets, and their investors who put their money at risk.

Institutional-grade features and controls

As opposed to being a simple layer one token generator, XDEX is a complete, institutional-grade information records governance and risk infrastructure solution to ensure regulatory compliance throughout the entire primary issuance process, as well as secondary market listing, trading, management, custody, and reporting.

XDEX takes a “building block” approach, to empower simple tokenization of assets, all the way up to enterprise-level foundations for extensive application development and integration for advanced users.

360° data and record ownership

As blockchain-based capital markets continue to emerge on a global scale, issuers and their investors are still subject to the lockup of their data and information within the walled gardens of service provider portals and marketplaces.

While the layer one public chain token unit of account may be easily portable across the network, the body of associated document and record information about investors, identities, entities, and transactions isn’t as easily extracted from these silos.

Asset owners and securities issuers must have their own, independent master data management solution that provides an immutable link to theirs and their investor’s data as they explore opportunities and trade in a decentralized marketplace.

We help offering sponsors establish a comprehensive information governance, risk, and compliance-based approach to owning their asset and market data independent of other marketplace operators.

Solutions for Issuers

Universal Asset Tokenization

Tokenize your assets and securities as digital, programmable instruments for primary offerings and secondary market trading throughout the emerging, decentralized capital markets ecosystem.


Digital Securities Administration

XDEX Digital Securities provides a full suite of administration and reporting across the entire lifecycle of a tokenized financial instrument, from issuance to reporting and disposition.


Transfer Agent as a Service

XDEX Transfer Agent-as-a-Service powers Transfer Agent operations workflow and processing as an integrated stack between issuers, markets, and custodians for regulatory post-trade settlement processing.