Common Data and Information Across Market Layers

Market information and data fragmentation resulting from organizational silos has resulted in massive inefficiencies and even criminal fraud. Our unified approach to delivering information governance, risk and compliance-focused solutions addresses many broad problems across a diverse set of markets and assets.

By establishing a unified source of truth that spans organizations, we connect value chains and participants with standardized market infrastructure information and workflows.

Solutions for Asset Managers

Asset managers need a framework to incorporate tokenized assets and digital securities into portfolios to meet the demands of clients seeking to gain exposure to digital forms of asset classes. We are a complete lifecycle solution to help asset managers seamlessly access the emergent digital capital markets.


Solutions for Broker Dealers

The rapid expansion of digital securities is an undeniable opportunity for smart broker dealers. Our end-to-end digital securities administration solutions help broker dealers enter the emerging blockchain securities markets with the confidence of knowing every document and piece of data across the entire lifecycle of a security is managed and tracked at the core.


Solutions for Crowdfunding Portals & Marketplaces

Crowdfunding portals and vertical marketplaces are facing increasing pressure to adopt blockchain-based infrastructure to ensure seamless connectivity to the broader downstream market infrastructure. We power a full suite of integration and user features.


Solutions for Custodians

Custodians and trusts are increasingly facing the radical shift towards tokenized assets and digital securities. Accessing a common set of records and workflow helps custodians provide new digital services to their markets.


Solutions for Transfer Agents

SEC transfer agents are facing headwinds as the emerging fintech marketplace is forcing a digital transformation imperative. Blockchain-based market infrastructure is the focus of new, disruptive market entrants. Our solutions power SEC transfer agent solutions.