We provide tools for law firms and legal services to help their clients facilitate governance, risk, and compliance of records and information, workflow processes, and legal documentation for blockchain-based assets and transactions.

EDRM and eDiscovery for Blockchain Records

XDEX is a records management blockchain oracle solution that uses a highly-specialized ontological form of data catalogue index to facilitate a standards-based governance, risk, and compliance methodology for connecting archived metadata to protocol-based distributed ledger networks,


Governance, Risk, and Compliance Framework

To facilitate a standards-based governance, risk, and compliance methodology, XDEX connects records, documents and datasets to an immutable blockchain ledger. This provides a clear, easy-to-manage path to reporting governance, risk, and compliance data that fits seamlessly with any standards-based, regulatory framework.


Virtual Asset Custody

XDEX powers end-to-end solutions that enable 3rd-party bank or trust custody of real-world assets virtualized as blockchain-based records.