Challenges in Derivatives Markets

Managing derivatives contracts is complex and involves coordinating activities across several parties. While the industry has moved somewhat towards digital solutions, many operations are hampered by inefficiencies, most notably around the need to reconcile position-related data on an ongoing basis. Tokenized derivatives based on XDEX addresses key inefficiencies and risks. 

How We Help Derivatives Markets

XDEX enables an interoperability standard of governance based upon a shared source of truth and mutualizes processing across ecosystems or within institutions, including:

  • Establishes a shared platform for managing post-trade life cycle of derivatives across counterparties
  • Replaces post-trade infrastructure in the case of markets with existing central infrastructures
  • Establishes a platform for institutions to manage their margin- and collateral-pledging workflows across all of their derivatives counterparties
  • Creates a platform for mutualizing the data and workflow for finalizing derivatives trades