Client profile

LedgerLab is a SEC-registered Transfer Agent providing transfer services to securities offering sponsors for post trade settlement and recordation of share transfers. Under SEC rules, a transfer agent is the official record of share ownership of all of a company’s shares, and must be notified by brokers and exchanges when a trade is matched and settled to ensure proper ownership accounting.

Business challenge

With the emergence of blockchain-based market trade infrastructure, LedgerLab was formed to pursue opportunities as a transfer services provider. In order to fully implement on the vision, LedgerLab needed a full lifecycle documents and records management solution to automate the transfer function behind their automation products.

The solution

As a governance, risk, and compliance layer, XDEX provides the foundation for LedgerLab to build the necessary workflows to integrate transfer services behind offering sponsor issuances. XDEX also becomes the integration layer for LedgerLab to put offering sponsors into their own investor services business as a Transfer Agent, simply providing the software underneath to power the solutions.