Client profile

OZGP is a self-directed opportunity zone fund as a service for accredited investors to invest in individual, qualified opportunity zone real properties and businesses that aren’t part of another fund portfolio, but also without having to set up one’s own fund structure to qualify for the tax benefits of the law. For smaller ticket investments, the administration costs to form and manage a fund are unfeasible.

Business challenge

To ensure full tax advantage under the law, the investment must be held for a full ten years. And even in the case of a liquidation event, the capital must be re-deployed into other qualified investments for the full ten year horizon. This requires a records management system to ensure the tracking and verification of the lifecycle of the entire investment for each discreet limited partner under a series LLC partnership.

The solution

By moving fund records management to XDEX, the General Partners can automate individual Limited Partner reporting across a real-time, shared blockchain ledger for ease of administration. 

As a Limited Partner management portal, XDEX provides a common system of record and development for future real-time automation and reporting with institutional partners.