As the world of digital securities progresses and regulations continue to evolve, it is crucial for issuers to establish full control over their governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) records. Traditional blockchain tokens, however, lack the necessary metadata layer for regulatory compliance, making it challenging for issuers to efficiently manage their GRC records.

Introducing XDEX, a cutting-edge solution from 10XTS that empowers issuers to maintain control over their GRC record metadata. With XDEX, issuers can confidently comply with regulatory requirements and safeguard the interests of their investors.

XDEX offers numerous benefits, including the automation of compliance reporting, streamlining issuance and management processes, and secure investor data management. This guarantees that your organization remains compliant with ever-evolving regulatory requirements, simplifies the process of submitting mandatory reports to regulatory authorities, and ensures the privacy and security of investor data by restricting access to authorized personnel only.

Moreover, XDEX functions as a robust risk management tool. Its real-time monitoring capabilities allow issuers to identify potential risks and implement mitigation strategies. By proactively addressing risks, XDEX helps maintain the integrity and reputation of the issuer, ensuring a trustworthy and secure investment environment.

At 10XTS, our primary goal is to assist digital securities issuers in effectively managing their GRC records and maintaining control over their metadata. With XDEX, issuers can rest assured that they are complying with regulatory requirements and protecting the interests of their investors.

Don’t let the absence of a metadata layer hinder your organization’s ability to issue digital securities. Gain control of your GRC records with XDEX from 10XTS today.

It’s time to embrace the future of digital securities management. Contact the 10XTS team to schedule a strategy call and discover how XDEX can benefit your organization, ensuring compliance and effective risk management.