Challenges for Regulators

Regulation and supervision are evolving with technology.

Regulatory compliance, monitoring and implementation (regtech and suptech), regulatory and supervisory requirements have been architected and built into XDEX. The purpose of this is to enable real-time, automated reporting. XDEX provides for compliance to be automatically monitored by reading the XDEX ledger, which contains much information relevant for supervisory purposes. 

As such, it can be used to improve the quality of data available to the supervisor, while reducing the need for firms to actively collect, verify and report data.

How we help Regulators

Four Ways XDEX Helps Transform Compliance

1) XDEX enables more efficient methods of sharing information

Data provision, collection and predictive analytics via cloud or other online, on-demand platforms can be connected to a common source of data truth as an interoperable metadata layer. This allows banks, intermediaries, asset managers, law firms, auditors, advisors, exchanges, and FIs to communicate among each other, and also directly with the regulator in real time, thus eliminating the need for lengthy reviews and investigations.

2) XDEX drives effectiveness by closing the gap between intention and interpretation

10XTS is developing data ontology standards to enable risk-theme based (e.g. credit risk, misconduct, cyber, fraud) regulatory interpretations, assessment and reporting at a real-time. Reduce / eliminate the need for post-trade surveillance and transactions monitoring including adoption of machine-readable and machine-executable regulations that can be embedded directly into smart contract code. This enforces regulations at the software and data level.

3) XDEX simplifies data, allows better decision making and enable future cognitive automation

XDEX is an alternative, secondary regulatory data architecture with APIs to enable simplified, real-time reporting and decisions. Cognitive automation enables reading and performing risk and compliance tasks. We can help simplify existing operating models.

4) XDEX enables regulation and compliance processes to evolve differently, proactively, better

XDEX enforces holistic digital compliance including data integration, verification and visualization. It enables integrated, utility-based risk management and reporting covering any codified regulation across both financial and non-financial risks.

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