10XTS is currently seeking a person to fill the role of DevOps/Security Coordinator to help establish this function with the product development organization. This position is 100% remote and reports to the Chief Technology Officer.

Responsibilities include:

  • Defining and implementing security standards and practices for development and operation of product
  • Reviewing product and organization implementation of security standards and practices
  • Establish process and tools for monitoring systems
  • Monitoring and analysis of security system monitoring
  • Automating environment build and deployment processes
  • Defining and implementing CI/CD process and tool adoption
  • Management and monitoring of environments
  • Coordinating security testing and remediation

Skills/experience required:

  • Managing Microsoft Azure, AWS, or cloud environment, including Virtual Machines,
    containers, and Platform as a Service (PaaS) components
  • Administering and managing Ubuntu or other Linux system
  • Automating build and management of cloud environments and Linux systems
  • Managing and configuring CI/CD automation tools with a Git repository
  • Working in an Agile environment

If interested, send resume and contact information to devjobs@10xts.com