A commodity producer wants to launch a new branded portal platform to build a network of client users that integrated financial market features.


We develop and implement a formal product management process and framework. Then, after spending time defining the new product with client team, 10XTS works as the Scrum Master and Product Manager to help ensure a solid launch of the new management processes and metrics.

This allows the client to rapidly scale with 10XTS directed externalized engineering resources like software coding and devops. No longer a silo operation, the client is able to release more robust features, faster to the market while minimizing risk.

Now the client is better-positioned in their market to become a significant player by rapidly expanding their core offering to include radical, new features not even contemplated by their competitors. The client is well-positioned to continue growing through new market share and capital funding positioning.

If you’re struggling with your product development and management, we can help you launch and scale. Contact us NOW to discuss your challenges.


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