The 10XTS team is happy to announce the release of xtsCore, our core blockchain development framework. The xtsCore framework is based upon a series of modules that we connect and configure to deliver full blockchain applications and integrations. Each module offers a suite of functionality depending upon the use case and need. Be it a new, standalone application, or an extension of an existing one, these are the basic building blocks 10XTS uses to deliver enterprise-grade blockchain applications.

xtsCore is expected to bring a better understanding of the scope of blockchain development to the market, as well as help define the categories of development effort for blockchain software projects.

The xtsCore framework library includes:

  • xtsChain – xtsChain is the core blockchain platform for a 10XTS application. An xtsChain may be a single public or private blockchain framework, or it may be a hybrid of multiple chains to achieve the desired use case.
  • xtsID – xtsID is the identity and authentication management system. This allows an application to leverage a traditional ACL policy model for robust application governance.
  • xtsWallet – xtsWallet is the blockchain wallet system. It is a software client that can run as a desktop or a secure web application. It can function as the entire application client or only provide blockchain transaction functions. It also provides multi-signature features to reflect any organizational security model.
  • xtsExplorer – xtsExplorer is the blockchain explorer module. It enables the searching and viewing of all wallet addresses and transactions on the blockchain ledger to provide auditing and other functions.
  • xtsAsset – xtsAsset permits the configuration and issuance of a token asset on the blockchain. Rather than using complex programming scripts this module allows the user to launch assets without coding.
  • xtsTransact – xtsTransact provides the ability to send and receive token assets across the blockchain. Complex transaction rules may be implemented based on business use cases.
  • xtsFund – xtsFund is the token crowdsale funding framework to permit the execution and  management of a token offering. Depending upon the nature of the token and crowdsale, xtsFund can be tailored to each individual use case.
  • xtsVote – xtsVote enables a user of xtsWallet with multi-signature capability to submit proposals for voting to the other signatories of the wallet for approval or rejection.
  • xtsCloud – xtsCloud is the framework to connect traditional cloud-based applications to a blockchain. This becomes a hybrid system to allow secure interaction with a blockchain. xtsCloud also enables the integration with the traditional enterprise IT stack.
  • xtsEvent – xtsEvent is the event notification framework that provides alerts based upon business rules when something specific occurs on the blockchain.
  • xtsDocs – xtsDocs is a document and metadata storage and retrieval module. It connects structured and unstructured data to xtsID and xtsWallet to permit access to on or off-chain document storage and retrieval by authorized participants.
  • xtsKeystore – xtsKeystore is a secure storage module for encrypted xtsWallet containers to ensure the most important data for a blockchain is always stored in a reliable place.
  • xtsExchange – xtsExchange enables the integration with cryptocurrency and asset token trading exchanges. Full bid/ask, trade matching, charting, history, and trade settlement.
  • xtsViz – xtsViz works with xtsExplorer to render rich visualizations of blockchain data including things like transaction flow, history and chain of custody of assets.
  • xtsPredict – xtsPredict connects with xtsExplorer to provide machine learning and recommendation based on the blockchain data across the network.
  • xtsThings – xtsThings provides the framework to connect the blockchain to physical assets as an IoT gateway. Used with IoT hardware and application features, xtsThings can provide a robust path to integrating assets and inventories with blockchain management.

10XTS develops blockchain solutions through their xtsConnect services offering using the xtsCore framework. For more information, contact the 10XTS team.



xtsCore - Building Blocks for Fintech Solutions