We’re happy to announce the formation of a partnership with Talent Chain to develop the application software and blockchain network for professional licensing and verification.

About Talent Chain

The Talent Chain

Talent Chain is the evolution of an enterprise software platform first pioneered by Dustin Grutza, CEO of CraftForce. The enterprise platform is already functional in the market, and provides staffing organizations with a turnkey platform for marketing to prospective employees and employers. While this platform may appear to be a two-sided job staffing marketplace, it actually protects the intermediary agency by intercepting all communication between candidates and employers. This preserves the agency aspect to recruiting and staffing while maintaining the high touch service.

As a recruiting and staffing agency focused on skilled trades and industrial workers, CraftForce found they spent a significant amount of time verifying a job candidate’s professional licenses and certifications. After discussion and market validation with professionals in the industry, Grutza determined the need for a blockchain-based, distributed application network to provide a mechanism for validating a candidate’s licenses.

Talent Chain anticipates a token offering to transform what is presently a line item overhead cost into a revenue generation opportunity between staffing agencies and certifying authorities for various certifications and licenses. Grutza is targeting a pilot program with several state departments of labor and industry licensing consortia.

10XTS Solutions

10XTS provides Talent Chain with the product management and CTO advisory services to deliver the full application and manage the token offering process.


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