CINCINNATI, OH, August 21, 2017  — This past weekend, the 10XTS team was honored to win the HackCincy “Data is Beautiful” Award for their work launching a private blockchain network from ground up in 24 straight hours of code. The prize was $1,000 and sponsored by Cincinnati-based data management company Astronomer, and their CEO Ry Walker.

While there was no preliminary code allowed, the team planned the architecture and use case of launching a private network using Hyperledger Fabric. The use case was to create an application network solution for professional certification and licensing credential verification in HR and hiring applications. The chain network consisted of multiple nodes representing 1) the end user, 2) an HR or hiring manager user, and 3) a certifying authority.

The use case was to allow a hiring manager to request an audit of a claimed certification or license of a potential hire candidate who would authorize the request. Once the request was authorized, a certifying authority would then provide verification of the status of the certification or license credential. At scale, this use case eliminates the many hours of manual administrative work involved in checking a potential hire’s background.

The blockchain application network leveraged the network token as a metadata wrapper, storing serialized structured and unstructured data in the hash array. This allows the storage and retrieval of record information within the application wallet/client including license or certification data, audit trail, as well as documents and/or images.

The team has extended the function of Hyperledger with proprietary credentialing code, which is being planned as a forthcoming product for the Hyperledger platform called CredentialFabric. This will make it easier for blockchain development teams to create a permissioning system.