CINCINNATI, OH, October 24, 2019 — Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano visited Cincinnati and met with local “BigCo” entities like P&G and Kroger, and also startups like 10XTS. Cintrifuse is the regional startup hub organization and syndicate fund, and hosted the events. Pomp is a well-known evangelist for bitcoin and blockchain technology, and fronts North Carolina-based Morgan Creek Digital, a division of Morgan Creek Capital Management, a Registered Investment Advisory associated with UNC Chapel Hill.

Members of the 10XTS team were able to meet with Pomp, who provided advisory about 10XTS and the XDEX solutions. VP Business Development, Kevin Bass, and Advisor Jon Dever were present locally to discuss the regulatory compliance and market opportunities for the XDEX platform.

The event was coordinated by Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund analyst Nick Faulkner, who oversees venture capital investments with other VC funds as part of the overall Cintrifuse mission. A reception dinner was held with senior management representatives of Cintrifuse’s board and corporate supporters.


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