Regulatory Compliant
Digital Assets and Securities

10XTS is revolutionizing the asset tokenization space as the only issuer-focused solution with full information governance, risk, and compliance ownership and control. XDEX Assets provides a complete digital asset tokenization solution for regulated digital assets and securities.

Tokenize your securities and assets with the most secure and robust regulatory compliant asset and securities tokenization engine in the market today – one designed for true cross-institutional, universal compatibility for not just the token, but the entire body of governance, risk, and compliance recordation about each account, identity, entity, asset, and transaction. 

Mint, manage, and burn tokens on XDEX to correlate to any layer one blockchain token as the transferable form of value.

XDEX Assets SaaS-based portal makes it easy to connect the emergent decentralized, global capital marketplace.

XDEX Assets ensures complete flexibility and control over your asset information and data across any public chain and 3rd party infrastructure. 

Institutional-grade features and controls​

As opposed to being a simple layer one token generator, XDEX is a complete, institutional-grade information records governance and risk infrastructure solution to ensure regulatory compliance throughout the entire primary issuance process, as well as secondary market listing, trading, management, custody, and reporting.

XDEX takes a “building block” approach, to empower simple tokenization of assets, all the way up to enterprise-level foundations for extensive application development and integration for advanced users.

Issue, manage, trade, report

XDEX Assets helps issuers, investors, and service providers create, issue, manage, and trade digital assets and securities while maintaining full regulatory compliance, reporting, and record-keeping.