Regulatory Compliant
Digital Assets and Securities

XDEX Assets provides a complete digital asset tokenization solution for regulated digital assets and securities.

Tokenize your securities and assets with the only framework designed for true cross-institutional, universal compatibility for not just the token, but the entire body of governance, risk, and compliance recordation about each account, identity, entity, asset, and transaction. 

XDEX Assets makes it easy to connect the emergent decentralized, global capital marketplace while ensuring complete flexibility and control over your asset information and data across any 3rd party network or infrastructure. 

Issue, Manage, Trade, & Report

XDEX Assets helps issuers, investors, and service providers create, issue, manage, and trade digital assets and securities while maintaining full regulatory compliance, reporting, and record-keeping.

Generate book entry tokens for ownership tracking within XDEX. Manage all investors and 3rd party service providers within a common framework. Transfer and settle across markets and custodians. Track every action with event logging hashed to the chain.

Also generate certificated digital forms of transferrable shares on Layer 1 chains for seamless integration into market infrastructure ecosystem, listing, trading, custody, and transfer. Embed information governance, risk and compliance into Layer 1 smart contracts.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Records Metadata

XDEX Assets provides the core data architecture and SaaS-based access to distributed ledger-based information governance records and metadata about accounts, identities, entities, assets, actions, and transactions. This ensures seamless portability of data and information between organizations.

XDEX Assets becomes the reliable source of truth of the records and metadata as a result of the mathematically-provable truth of record data from inception, through the entire lifecycle of chain of custody and ownership.

Embed governance, risk, and compliance records into chain-based data, and expose the metadata layer to layer one smart contracts as an oracle system to future proof the asset as networks and technologies continue to advance and evolve.

XDEX Records Management

3rd Party Network Agnostic Oracle

All of your documents, e-signatures, payment records, workflow logs, transactions, and approvals are easily ingested into XDEX Assets and embedded into Layer 1 smart contracts and digital assets to ensure interoperability between organizations.

The body of metadata is indexed and categorized as a standard, taxonomy-based system that can be further exposed to public blockchains via an API, that is subsequently consumed by smart contracts on the chain network.

Authorized smart contracts and tokens on any Layer 1 chain or distributed ledger can send and retrieve data to and from XDEX through authenticated API calls as an oracle.

Business documents, metadata, workflows, and governance remain provably consistent and intact between any institution across post trade market settlement.