Connecting Decentralized Regulated Capital Markets

XDEX Connect extends XDEX Assets to integrate with third-party capital markets and financial institutions like alternative trading systems (ATS), exchanges, transfer agents, fiduciary custodians and banks to help asset owners, offering issuers, and intermediaries facilitate listing, trade, settlement of their regulated digital assets and tokenized securities – ensuring governance and compliance of primary issuance and secondary market activities.

Since XDEX record-keeping is decentralized, it operates autonomously outside of any single, centralized entity or institution to help decentralize market infrastructure while also enabling a consolidated, global view of market information in real time.


Multi-Party Post-Trade Settlement

XDEX Connect facilitates compliance workflow processes to settle the trade and transfer of regulated digital assets.

When a 3rd-party market-listed asset is matched for a trade by the listed trading venue, XDEX Connect provides an automated notification messaging framework for all stakeholders to connect and interact. 

By embedding the XDEX oracle into the Layer 1 smart contract, trade settlement messaging, instructions, and data exchange can be automated between multiple parties by coordinated agreement.

This includes things like sharing of identity KYC/AML information for account compliance, as well as single point of collection and automated distribution of fees. Each Layer 1 smart contract governing the asset token can be tailored to each partner and commercial arrangement.