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XDEX Enterprise

Integrate and develop on top of XDEX

While most asset tokenization clients will be best served with XDEX Pro as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, many projects require more.

For advanced enterprise and institutional partners who need to customize XDEX or integrate with existing line of business applications, XDEX Enterprise becomes your information governance, risk, and compliance foundation for tokenized assets and digital securities.

We deploy a licensed XDEX instance into a managed services server instance owned by the client, which enables seamless Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) functionality for enhancements, customizations, and further application development.

The confidence of owning your stack

Even though XDEX is technically horizontal-cloud agnostic, we have deployed the framework as a Microsoft Azure based solution.

As an enterprise-level solution, this is certainly a more complex undertaking – but we’ve sought to distill the advanced technical nature down to an easy to understand and implement process.

While chain-based data still gets passed to and from XDEX Network, the operations of the core stack fall within your own IT management scope for more flexibility and control.

Build, then connect

When XDEX Enterprise partners build atop the platform core, the rest of the network can be assured each and every participant of the XDEX Network conforms to the governance, risk, and compliance policies and processes native to the ecosystem.

This high level of standard ensures the safety and integrity of the XDEX Network for all participants to have the confidence in the data and records for their assets, investors, and business information.

Learn more about XDEX

What is XDEX?

XDEX a universal tokenization market infrastructure solution that ensures seamless, inter-institutional portability of information governance, risk, and compliance data and records of digital securities and tokenized assets, entities, identities, and transactions.


XDEX Network

The core blockchain network operating beneath the XDEX Network is a private, permissioned MIT-licensed Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus protocol.


XDEX Network Governance

Learn more about the governance plans for the XDEX network as the platform continues to develop and evolve into a widely-adopted global solution.


XDEX Privacy

XDEX is a permissioned system, meaning that all participating XDEX Network node operators are known and documented. Additionally, user accounts must be verified and approved by a certified registrar authority.


XDEX Governance, Risk, and Compliance Framework

To facilitate a standards-based governance, risk, and compliance methodology, XDEX connects records, documents and datasets to an immutable blockchain ledger. This provides a clear, easy-to-manage path to reporting governance, risk, and compliance data that fits seamlessly with any global regulatory framework.


XDEX Capabilities

XDEX offers a rich set of application layer features to deploy governance, risk, and compliance focused records solutions.