Connecting Enterprise with Regulated Digital Assets

For advanced enterprise and institutional partners who want to integrate with regulated digital assets, XDEX Enterprise becomes your information governance, risk, and compliance foundation.

Enterprise partners can build atop the XDEX platform core, and ensure data moving in and out of XDEX conforms to the governance, risk, and compliance policies and processes.

XDEX Enterprise enables seamless enterprise integration functionality for enhancements, customizations, and further application development.

A high level of standardization ensures the safety and integrity of the XDEX Network for all participants to have the confidence in the data and records for their asset, investor, and business information.

XDEX Information Governance, Risk, and Compliance Layer for Blockchain

The confidence of owning your stack

  • Accelerate regulated digital asset development by decoupling / exposing the XDEX Network and core XDEX features as a reusable set of APIs for consumption.
  • Innovate with digital asset-enabled applications and creation of a system of engagement to new channels.
  • Provide secure and controlled access to digital assets and metadata in a hybrid cloud environment where applications can also consume authenticated endpoints.
  • Connect with a network consortia ecosystem with a wider community of external institutions, developers, and partners.
  • Monetize existing and new data and algorithms while enabling new business models.

Step-by-Step Implementation

Ensuring a stable, production software environment requires proper integration with your existing information systems stack — complete with ongoing, routine support.

The 10XTS team has its roots in the enterprise custom software development space. We actually ship code, which is a major hurdle for many young Web3 organizations. Our agile delivery process ensures the highest level of product engineering and lifecycle management. Efficiency in code delivery impacts overall costs.

We prefer a flexible agile approach to ensure the most nimble and adaptive environment for our client stakeholders. Let us help you build your platform, on time, under budget.

We provide technical integration, migration, and maintenance to keep the application secure and working for users. Support doesn’t stop with the tech though. We provide full documentation and end-user training for maximum impact.