Connect XDEX with 3rd party marketplaces and service providers

XDEX Markets is a market infrastructure connectivity module that directly connects XDEX with third-party alternative trading systems, exchanges, transfer agents, fiduciary custodians and banks to help asset owners, offering issuers, and sell-side intermediaries facilitate listing, trade, settlement and clearing of their tokenized assets and securities – while enabling the capture and aggregation of external trade data itself, thus ensuring governance and compliance of post-trade market settlement processes.

Since XDEX record-keeping is decentralized and controlled by the asset issuer, it can operate autonomously outside of any single, centralized entity or institution to help decentralize market infrastructure while enabling a consolidated, global view of market information in real time.

Facilitating post-trade settlement processes

When a 3rd-party market-listed asset is matched for a trade by the listed trading venue, XDEX Markets provides an automated notification messaging framework to connect between asset issuers and third-party custodians. 

When order match notification is received from an external trading venue, XDEX Markets automates the process of connecting the buy and sell-side custodians with the transfer agent, thus facilitating compliance workflow processes to settle the trade and transfer of the assets.