Powerful Nodes for Deployment

Quickly deploy server nodes to connect to the XDEX Network and facilitate data interchange.

Build and Integrate Faster with APIs

Integrate and build with a common API and service layer to quickly connect existing enterprise systems.

Immutable and Secure Data

Security-as-a-Service and checkpoints for verifiable, tamper-resistant state proofs for ultimate immutability.

Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

ISO 27K and SOC 2, Type 2 certifications, modern cloud scale architecture, HA/DR, SLAs, and even 24×7 support options.

A Single Platform to Meet the Demands of an Evolving Business Landscape

  • Tokenization – Issue tokens customized to your specifications across multiple chains with powerful APIs and pre-configured services.
  • Digital Assets – Manage Digital Assets at scale across the chains of your choice.
  • Policy Management – Leverage internal compliance rules and policies, provide secure and rich user experiences, and easily automate who can do what, when, and how – all integrated with your existing user directory and SSO systems.
  • Smart Contract Management – Automatically generate APIs from both custom and templated smart contracts to simplify development and deployment. Seamlessly integrate with existing DevOps processes and systems.
  • Data Orchestration – Manage data at rest and in motion, ensuring your system of record is expertly managing state and proving once-and-only-once transaction integrity with unmatched reliability.
  • Security, Scale, and Resilience – Manage operations at scale on institutiona-grade infrastructure with SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27K certifications, built-in SA/DR, enterprise identity management, and more.
  • Advanced Custody Options – Deploy a range of native custody options, including HD wallets and cloud HSMs, or integrate with popular third-party custody providers/
  • Unlimited Connectivity – XDEX supports a full range of chains so you can connect to other network ecosystems or run your own dedicated scaling solution.

Multi-Party Trade Settlement

XDEX Network facilitates workflow processes to settle the trade and transfer of regulated digital assets.

When a 3rd-party market-listed asset is matched for a trade by the listed trading venue, XDEX Network provides an automated notification messaging framework for all stakeholders to connect and interact. 

By embedding XDEX as an oracle into any smart contract or controllable electronic record, trade settlement messaging, instructions, and data exchange is automated between multiple parties by coordinated agreements and association-based reliance.

This includes things like sharing of identity KYC/AML information for account compliance, as well as single point of collection and automated distribution of fees. Each smart contract governing the asset token can be tailored to each partner and commercial arrangement.