XDEX Records Management Blockchain Oracle


Universal tokenization for real-world assets and securities

XDEX Pro is your universal tokenization console to access and manage your assets and securities information and data. It provides governance and control for accounts, identities, entities, assets, and transactions across a single market infrastructure network. This creates an inter-institutional management framework to ensure seamless portability of data and information for every layer of user.

All of your documents, signatures, payment records, workflow logs, and approvals are easily ingested into XDEX to ensure interchange between institutions.

  • Common metadata interchange
  • Mathematically provable hashes to verify the authenticity of the records and data
  • Event logging at the atomic level for every action taken by every person across the network for permanent, immutable reporting
  • Multiple custodian support
  • Multiple exchange and alternative trading system (ATS) support
  • Advanced customization and integration with XDEX Enterprise as an upgrade

Tokenize via XDEX

Once the initial volume of documentation has been imported into XDEX, tokens can then be generated as internal book entry audit tokens on the XDEX Network.

Accounts and wallets for every investor are created and maintained on XDEX to provide real time access and reporting to holdings for each stakeholder.

XDEX book entry tokens are then distributed to each of the accounts and wallets, providing your investors with a user interface to see their positions and access other features.

Embed into Layer One chains and smart contracts

After the initial tokenization is completed on XDEX, the entire schema is fully functional within the XDEX Network.

Should you wish to list and trade tokens on a Layer One public chain like Ethereum, Avalanche, Poly, Corda, Hashgraph, etc… smart contracts that create the public chain tokens can embed the governance, risk, and compliance within XDEX, and then generate certificated forms of tradable tokens that maintain a beacon back to the XDEX Network metadata layer.

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Learn more about XDEX

What is XDEX?

XDEX a universal tokenization market infrastructure solution that ensures seamless, inter-institutional portability of information governance, risk, and compliance data and records of digital securities and tokenized assets, entities, identities, and transactions.


XDEX Network

The core blockchain network operating beneath the XDEX Network is a private, permissioned MIT-licensed Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus protocol.


XDEX Network Governance

Learn more about the governance plans for the XDEX network as the platform continues to develop and evolve into a widely-adopted global solution.


XDEX Privacy

XDEX is a permissioned system, meaning that all participating XDEX Network node operators are known and documented. Additionally, user accounts must be verified and approved by a certified registrar authority.


XDEX Governance, Risk, and Compliance Framework

To facilitate a standards-based governance, risk, and compliance methodology, XDEX connects records, documents and datasets to an immutable blockchain ledger. This provides a clear, easy-to-manage path to reporting governance, risk, and compliance data that fits seamlessly with any global regulatory framework.


XDEX Capabilities

XDEX offers a rich set of application layer features to deploy governance, risk, and compliance focused records solutions.