Tokenized Securities Custody Management

Powering end-to-end custody solutions for tokenized assets and securities

XDEX powers end-to-end solutions that enable 3rd-party bank or trust custody of real-world assets virtualized as blockchain-based records and tokens.

XDEX delivers custody solutions as fully-controlled institutional accounts, as well as multi-signature weighted approvals for final approval of action at the protocol wallet level.

  • Compliance with the SEC three-step process for tokenized securities secondary market structure
  • Full integration capability with existing core processing and custody management
  • Custom workflow development
  • Integration with exchanges, ATS networks, transfer agents, and issuer portals
  • Connection and integration with other fiduciary custodians to facilitate post-trade settlement and clearing
  • Embedded compliance and reporting solutions


  • Lower transaction costs and/or direct participation in capital markets
  • Opportunities for new lines of business in governing decentralized platforms and smart contracts
  • Opportunities for stablecoin distribution and payment systems
  • New lines of business from emergence of new asset classes and parallel markets
  • Cost savings from streamlined or automated processes and operations
  • Preserve business by providing clients with access to digital securities markets
  • Greater market intelligence
  • Stronger data ownership and governance
  • Capital/liquidity savings from more flexible settlement
  • Avoid loss of business from greater market concentration in over-the-counter markets
  • Streamlined & automated compliance and examinations

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