Universal Asset Tokenization

Easily tokenize assets and securities with universal governance, risk, and compliance

Tokenize securities and assets with the most secure and robust asset and securities tokenization engine in the market today – one designed for true cross-institutional, universal compatibility for not just the token, but the entire body of governance, risk, and compliance recordation about each account, identity, entity, asset, and transaction. 

Mint, manage, and burn tokens on XDEX to correlate to any layer one blockchain token as the transferable form of value.

XDEX ensures complete flexibility and control over your asset information and data across any public chain and 3rd party infrastructure. 

Embed governance, risk, and compliance records into chain-based data, and expose the metadata layer to layer one smart contracts as an oracle system to future proof the asset as networks and technologies continue to advance and evolve.


Token issuance and management

Generate book entry tokens for ownership tracking within XDEX. Manage all investors and 3rd party service providers within a common framework. Transfer and settle across markets and custodians. Track every action with event logging hashed to the chain.

Also generate certificated digital forms of transferrable shares on Layer One chains for seamless integration into market infrastructure ecosystem, listing, trading, custody, and transfer. Embed information governance, risk and compliance into Layer One smart contracts.


Securely mint, burn, and transfer

Secure customer and investor tokens from attack. XDEX ensures integrity with any L1 parallel chain to provide full auditability and correlation to public network landscape. XDEX protects against any unauthorized minting or transfer of tokens and secures the custody and location control of assets at rest or to/from counterparties during transfer. Transfer tokens and settle transactions across the XDEX Network within seconds.


Integrated Governance, Risk, and Compliance Records and Data

Embed the entire body of records about entities, identities, assets, and transactions for full information governance, risk, and compliance policy and control. Records are hashed to the chain as equally immutable as the transaction ledger itself, thus ensuring the entire global system of record throughout the lifecycle of the asset across a global market network.

This ensures the mathematically provable truth of record from inception, through the entire chain of custody and ownership.


Master Data Management (MDM) and data ownership

As blockchain-based capital markets continue to emerge on a global scale, issuers and their investors are still subject to the lockup of their data and information within the walled gardens of service provider portals and marketplaces. 

Establish full data ownership and controls across the emerging, decentralized capital markets. 


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