Kevin BassVP Business Development

Kevin Bass has over 20+ years of managing multi-million dollar accounts and knows how difficult it is to keep current and meaningful leads in order to sustain growth. He has trained, mentored and led both small teams and large groups to engage, build confidence and network together to accomplish significant movement. Taking new ideas, trends and leadership challenges, Kevin has been able to grow his network to be self-sustaining with problem solving skills and both corporate and self-built marketing pillars to drive his success.

His natural interest in technology, dating back to the college dorm room days of being the first college student to have a desktop computer, (IBM 8086) where long nights of game coding and last-minute paper writing took place.

Since then, his combination of boots on the ground, constant networking, technology and financial interest, keep him engaged in how the FinTech industry has leveraged the newest and greatest computer theories to stay on the cutting edge of world leading technology development. Kevin has his undergraduate degree fro Simpson College.


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