Do you want to launch a proof-of-concept (PoC) fintech application for your organization?

Need to implement a distributed ledger-based data solution? Want to enhance existing applications?

Launching a new startup and need product development?

10XTS specializes in software and data technology engineering. From architecture, to devops and software engineering, our team creates enerprise-grade solutions. As seasoned developers, we bring full lifecycle management to mitigate risks and ensure every project’s success.

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The application of AI in financial services creates many opportunities in areas like risk analytics, fraud prevention, and in prescribing the next best action for supporting a customer.

The 10XTS team specializes in security, cloud, and devops capabilities, ensuring compliance and governance requirements are met.

The 10XTS team has extensive experience in end user productivity and business portal solutions.  We can build any type of front-end user experience to match your productivity requirements.

The 10XTS team will create a comprehensive enterprise architecture plan that includes functional and technical scope


xtsCore - Building Blocks for Fintech Solutions

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