Michael Hiles, 10XTS CEO, Moderating Panel Discussion with EY, Congressman Warren Davidson, Deloitte, KY Senator Brandon Smith on April 23 at Miami University Blockchain Virtual Conference

OXFORD, OH, April 2, 2020 — Michael Hiles, 10XTS CEO, will be moderating a panel discussion at the Miami University Virtual Blockchain Conference on April 23, 2020. The Virtual Blockchain Conference’s goal is to show and advance Blockchain implementations globally by hosting industry-leading experts.
The panel discussion is focused on Blockchain Regulation, and features:
  • Wendy Henry — Managing Director / Blockchain Lead for Government at Deloitte
  • U.S. Congressman Warren Davidson (OH-8)
  • KY Senator Brandon Smith
The Virtual Blockchain Conference 2020 is hosted on April 23-25 by Miami University Blockchain Club. The event features 60 speakers, 27 talks, 3 workshops, and 500 participants. This is a global live stream experience focused on educating both professionals and students on the real world implementations of Blockchain. REGISTER HERE >> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/virtual-blockchain-conference-2020-tickets-101759938716