Digital Securities Launch Manager

Raising money with securities tokens just got a lot easier

While blockchain has been around for over a decade and digital assets now becoming a mainstream topic, the application of the technology to traditional securities and market infrastructure is still an emerging conversation.

Smart business leaders are recognizing the power of tokenizing securities offerings to access multiple liquidity pools, better data about their asset, and many other inherent benefits.

10XTS has developed an easy way for securities issuers to cut through the noise and own their data when launching a tokenized offering.

Digital Securities Launch Manager will help you streamline the process of planning, launching, and tokenizing your regulatory compliant primary offerings.

  • Regulation D 506(b) & 506(c)
  • Regulation A/A+
  • Regulation CF
  • Regulation S
  • Private Placements, Equity & Debt, SAFE notes, Warrants
  • Fund Limited Partnerships
  • Special Purpose Vehicles
  • United States, Canada, and International jurisdiction support

Automated primary offerings for streamlined investor experience

Digital Securities Launch Manager features a fully-automated primary offering platform to help you launch your offering to the market. The platform creates an efficient, seamless process for you to subscribe investors in a branded portal environment that includes KYC/AML identity verification, accredited investor verification, subscription, and payment processes.

  • A complete CRM to manage all aspects of the raise, from conversion and investor communication/tracking to automated reminders with real-time data and analytics.
  • Digitized subscription agreements and templated documents for any type of raise.
  • Our proprietary question flow ensures investors can complete their subscription agreement in minutes, in full compliance and with no deficiencies.
  • Stay compliant with automated AML/background checks and accredited investor verifications (where required).
  • Optimized payment facilitation for a higher rate of funding.
  • Ensure a smooth raise by facilitating cross-team collaboration on the platform, and leverage our network to ensure you have everything you need.
  • Improve conversion and speed with digital payments, transforming the investor funding process while maintaining control over cost of capital.
  • Our experienced Customer Success team provides unparalleled support from onboarding, to offering launch, to close.
  • Broker and intermediary support to allow you to leverage existing capital raising networks.

Seamlessly export records into XDEX

When your primary offering closes, it’s easy to export all of the records and data about investors, subscriptions, payments, and event logging into XDEX to make tokenization a snap.

All of your documents and records are ingested into XDEX and hashed as immutable records on the network to ensure a permanent record for governance, risk, and compliance.

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